The Scott Sub Cross eRIDE 30 offers an easy way to explore gravel roads and other paths. The aluminum frame geometry features a lowered down crossbar allowing you to quickly get on and off the bike. The bike is equipped with a powerful, lightweight and quiet Bosch Active engine with a 400 Wh PowerTube Bosch battery, enabling a fast and comfortable ride to your destination.


The battery on the bike charges from 1 to 6 hours.


The battery may vary as it is affected by external factors. Range depending on driving style: Eco: up to 120km , Tour: up to 90km, Sport: up to 70km, Turbo: up to 60km, Mix: up to 90km


6 bikes (3 large and 3 medium sizes)

When booking, enter the desired number of bikes and the desired frame size. We will contact you in case of unavailability.


Rental time Price
1 day 25,00 €
2 days 40,00 €
3 days 50,00 €
4 days 60,00 €
5 days 70,00 €
1 week 90,00 €

Prices are in euros and include 22% VAT. The fee for therental car is paid in advance.
In case of delay in return, the differenceaccording to the price list is paid extra.

NOTE: Option to purchase a gift certificate


You can charge the battery at home or at designated places (e.g. info point in the centre of Žiri).


Fill out the form below to make a reservation. Please feel free to contact us directly at +386 41 457 990. We recommend that you make a reservation at least one day in advance during our opening hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the rental office: Loška cesta 70, 4226 Žiri.

We offer medium (M) size bikes, which are suitable for women and men of short stature, and large (L) size bikes, which are suitable for men.​

You can cancel your reservation by calling +386 41 457 990. Cancellation of the rent must also be notified by e-mail at​

You must notify the rental office about the damage. The cost of the damage is determined in accordance with the general conditions.​

With a full battery you can reach 100–120 km. Factors that affect driving range are:

  • speed,
  • pedaling,
  • level of assistance,
  • your weight,
  • hilliness of terrain.

As a rule, the bike must be returned during opening hours or by a prearranged time set with the rental office.​

You can charge the battery at home or at designated places (e.g. info point in the centre of Žiri).​

You can buy a gift certificate for a bike and treat your loved ones to it as a perfect gift. If you want to buy a gift certificate, call +386 41 457 990 or write to us on:​

In the event of damage to the bike, the renter is obliged to pay damage costs up to 60 percent of the retail price of the equipment.The person who rents the bike takes full responsibility for the equipment.

The rented bike is not insured. Any damage to the bike is covered by the person who rented it. Theft of the bike is the responsibility of the person who rented the bike, and this person is informed at the time of rental that in the case of theft, he/she will pay 100% of the value of the bike.

In case of theft, the person who rented the bike is obliged to report the theft to the local police station.

All bike rentals must be paid in advance, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the company's management.

In case of delayed return of the bike, an additional rental day will be charged according to the valid price list.​