The Renault ZOE combines the ease of use with superior electrical performance. The 80 hp electric motor offers a dynamic, quiet and vibration-free driving experience. Moreover, the ZOE’s superb technology does not sacrifice safety. The vehicle is equipped with a number of driving assistance systems, ensuring safety and simplified manoeuvring.


You can charge the ZOE vehicle at home or at all charging stations GREMO NA ELEKTRIKO.


The battery in the ZOE vehicle with a capacity of 40 kWh provides you with a driving range of up to 255 km.


Rental time Price
Up to 1h 6,00 €/h
Over 3h 4,80 €/h
Over 6h 3,90 €/h
Over 12h 3,30 €/h
Daily 40 €
Weekend package 45 €/kpl

Prices are in euros and include 22% VAT. The fee for therental car is paid in advance.
In case of delay in return, the differenceaccording to the price list is paid extra.

NOTE: Option to purchase a gift certificate


The car can be recharged for free at the Gremo na elektriko charging stations with the access card you get at the renting office. Map of charging stations Gremo na elektriko:


Fill out the form below to make a reservation. Please feel free to contact us directly at +386 41 457 990. We recommend that you make a reservation at least one day in advance during our opening hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can cancel your reservation by calling +386 41 457 990. Cancellation of the rent must also be notified by e-mail at

We currently offer one car Renault Zoe for rent.​

Any pickup arrangements made outside normal opening hours must be made in advance with the provider/lender.​

For general assistance you can contact the renting office directly by calling +386 41 457 990.​

Please drop off the vehicle at the rental office headquarters: Loška cesta 70, 4226 Žiri.​

Our charging station Gremo na elektriko is located in the parking lot between the company Eksist d.o.o. and the fire station PGD Dobračeva. Our clients can charge the rented car for free with the obtained access card at all Gremo na elektriko charging stations in Slovenia. Map of charging stations Gremo na elektriko:

CONNECTION: Charging is easy. When you arrive at a station, park the car in the dedicated parking space (green area), then use the button on the remote control to unlock the charger on the car. Take the charging cable from the boot and connect the blue part under the Renault sign to the front of the car, which you previously unlocked with the key. Connect the other end of the cable to the charger and place the access card on the charger screen. Remember to verify that charging has started.

DISCONNECTION: We know the car is charged when the READY sign appears on the display in the car. We use the button on the remote control to unlock the charger and disconnect it from the car and from the charging station, then store the charger back into the boot.

The general conditions are available here.​

You can buy a gift certificate for a car and treat your loved ones to it as a perfect gift. If you want to buy a gift certificate, call +386 41 457 990 or write to us on:​

In the event of an accident, theft, vandalism or any other event resulting in damage to the vehicle, equipment or documentation, the T2 Rotolab company must be notified immediately at the following number +386 1 444 0000.​